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bill fitzpatrick

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In October of 2011, I left my Taylors, South Carolina home and drove south on Highway 25, in the general direction of Greenwood. My goal that morning was to shoot a few photographs in the Cedar Springs Historic District. My home state has over 1400 Historic Register Landmarks, a National Park Service classification that includes historically noteworthy cemeteries, churches, homes, buildings, and districts, such as Cedar Springs. 

I eventually made it to Cedar Springs that morning, but not without a series of frustrating experiences. Still, the magnificence of the landmarks resonated. The following week, I again visited a few Historic Register Landmarks, this time in nearby Spartanburg County. When I again experienced the same set of historic highs (and travel lows), I was hooked. I wanted to see all of our state's Historic Register Landmarks. After much planning, I began this strange, unexpected and perhaps unique odyssey in December, 2011. 

As of February, 2013, I have visited all of the Historic Register Landmarks in the Upstate and Midlands regions of South Carolina. By March 31st, 2013, I will complete my work along the coast, thus finishing the journey. Every dusty mile spent among our treasuries, ranging from the days of the Cherokees to the decline of the textiles, has been worth the effort. 

Several weeks into the journey, I decide to create eBooks for those who might wish to visit even a select portion of our Historic Register Landmarks, one that would simplify travel to the landmarks, as well as provide "portable information." I am delighted to note that I have completed and published "The Upstate" and "The Midlands."  On or before April 30th, 2013, I will complete and publish the Coastal.   

I am very pleased to add that those of you with cell-enabled devices like an iPad or iPod, now can use my "TAKE ME THERE!" feature. That's right-one "touch" connects you to Google Maps, and you are then on your way to enjoying over 1000 landmarks.  

Bill Fitzpatrick